Brett Favre played the game with a child-like reckless abandon and YOLO style that will probably never be seen again anytime soon. That said, the fact that he was a starting NFL quarterback and didn’t know what a nickel defense shouldn’t shock anyone either. That’s just Brett Favre being Brett Favre. Also Andy opens the show complaining about a lady who complained at Menards. Natch.

Today’s Five Things Are
• I Haven’t Watched a Full SportsCenter in a Decade
• Brett Favre Didn’t Know What Nickel Was
• Weed Dispensary Wants Naming Rights for Mile High
• The Broncos Might Still Trade for Kaepernick
• The Perfect NFL Minor League

All that and more on this edition of The Andy Carlson Show!

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• Favre was an NFL starter before he knew what “nickel defense” meant [PFT] • Marijuana dispensary wants Mile High naming rights [PFT]

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